The Veil (on sale)

The Veil, 2015, acrylic ink on paper, 12″ x 7″ (size approximate)

The Veil is a cross hatched drawing done with a dip pen and then painted with acrylic inks. The drawing was done last year but the coloring was done today. One of these days I’d love to illustrate a book in this technique.

This piece is on sale. If you are interested you can check it out in my webstore. Each time one of my sale pieces sells, I put up a new sale piece (eventually).

– Richard.

Amnesiac’s Library

Amnesiac’s Library, 2015, ink on paper, 22″ x 16″

This is a drawing called Amnesiac’s Library. If you follow my work, you’ll know that natural history and libraries are recurring themes. Amnesiac’s Library nearly didn’t happen. I started it several years ago but other things got in the way and it sort of settled to the bottom of my paper rack. My original plan had been to complete the centre and the doors. It was never intended to be so elaborate. For a long time it was never intended to be finished! Then, at the beginning of April, I dug it out and thought about it again and began to see the possibilities. On reflection, it became a completely different drawing, which is the nature of the creative process. The other exciting thing about this piece is that it suggested so many other works, so many other avenues to explore.

Amnesiac’s Library found its new home quickly, which I am very pleased about. I am hoping to do a print at some point this summer. I’ll post the details here when the time comes.

– Richard.


Panspermia, 2015, ink on paper, 12″ x 8″
All images © Richard A. Kirk. Any reuse is strictly prohibited without permission of Richard A. Kirk

Well, March was busier than expected and as a result I didn’t have a chance to do any “work in progress” shots on this drawing. If you are unfamiliar with the meaning of panspermia you can read about it here. Obviously, I have taken some artistic license. The weird hand is a biographical reference. Many years ago, in northern Ontario, I found what I thought was a mole hand. Paw is probably the correct term. Thinking back, it was probably a snapping turtle appendage. I was a quasi Lynchian moment. Hope you like this piece.

– Richard.


Panspermia – graphite underdrawing

Panspermia is a new piece I am working on. It will be a pointillism drawing when it is finished. What you are seeing here (or not seeing depending on your viewing device) is the graphite under-drawing. I’ll be posting “in progress” shots on this blog as I work on the rendering.

Panspermia – ink line

The same drawing with line work completed. The next step will will be to begin the pointillism rendering. I am going to start with the background and for forward.

– Richard.

Octopus Collar – On Sale

Octopus Collar
ink wash on paper
11″ x 8″

This original drawing is ON SALE for $100.00. If you are interested, please email me to ensure availability. Other available original works can be seen here. Proceeds from the sale of these works are being used to support future publishing projects.

Thanks for looking. Apologies for those that have already seen this post on FB. My blog mirrors there.

– Richard.


Original Works for Sale

Stag Horn
Stag Horn
ink on paper
© Richard A. Kirk 2013

I have just added a page of original art work to my website. These works are available for sale. If something strikes your interest, you can use an email link on the page to ask any questions you may have. Some of the works are illustrations from books, others are personal works. Check them out here.

If you are interested in prints, I have a selection available here.

– Richard.