A Series of Cross Hatch Drawings


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For the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a series of cross hatched drawings. It started out as a test of some paper I found in the back of my paper rack called #234 Paris Bleedproof Paper for Pens by Borden and Riley. I have a habit of picking up tablets of paper that look promising and stashing them away for later. I really love this paper for Pigma Micron markers. It’s like the two things were made to go together. So, like potato chips, one followed the other. Here is what I’ve done so far.


This is the first one. The sheet is 9″ x 12.” Untitled.


The second one is called Study #5. I really like the necklace of heads.


Eyeball Nymph!



The Dark Bead Finished


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The Dark Bead
12″ x 8″
ink on 140lb Arches hotpress paper
All images © Richard A. Kirk. Any reuse is strictly prohibited without permission of Richard A. Kirk


Detail 1


Detail 2


Detail 3

The Dark Bead is finally finished!

This image shows the completed drawing, The Dark Bead. You can see details and work in progress images in previous posts. The Dark Bead is an ink pointillism drawing done primarily with a Rotring .13 technical pen, and a Koh I Noor .18 for the outlines. As is typical for pointillism, this drawing took many hours of work. I chose this style for its soft gradations and ability to deliver fine detail.

A theme of impenetrable mystery is at the heart of The Black Bead. The narrative revolves around the nature of the bead and its import to the creatures. The bead represents any kind of mystery and proposes that any mystery can seem magical until it is understood. The drawing also raises questions about the cottage in the distance, the identity of the creatures and the setting. It is deliberately non-committal about the time period, suggesting an otherworld scenario; a liminal place of change.

Up next is a larger piece for a show coming up at Copro Gallery later in the fall. Stay tuned.

  • Richard.

The Dark Bead – Work in Progress #4


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The Dark Seed – Work in Progress

I thought I’d share my progress to date on The Dark Seed. It took a bit of a back seat to Bells Call Others, but it’s not unusual for me to have several drawing on the go at once. This strategy is necessary as pointillism is by its nature a slow technique. Having a few drawings in play allows me to keep my interest high, and my eyes rested.

As time permits I’m also working on getting 2 books ready for printing, a novel (Necessary Monsters) and a collection of 5 short stories (Magpie’s Ladder). I’m working toward having them both out for 2016 under the Radiolaria Studios imprint. Time is needed to produce the illustrations and as anxious as I am to have them out in the world, I want to make sure the illustrations are perfect. I will no doubt be posting samples in the months to come.

On the subject of books, a little bit of poking around on the internet revealed that Tome II: Melancholia has been received by the publisher 44Flood. If you are not aware, Tome is a sumptuous art book featuring many artists, and interviews where the artists talk about their work. My work is included and I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by the author Clive Barker. As soon as I get a copy in hand I’ll post some images. In the meantime, follow the links for more information.

That’s it for now.
– Richard.

Bells Call Others


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Bells Call Others, 2015, 10″ x 8,” ink (pointillism) on toned archival illustration board

Bells Call Others is a new drawing, just finished this morning. It was a bit of a digression from another drawing I am working on, The Dark Bead, occasioned by finding a piece of toned board in my paper rack. Working on toned paper had been on my mind since looking at some work by Katsuya Terada that had been printed on grey paper. I’m definitely going to do more of this but first I must finish The Dark Bead.

I’ve put this drawing in my Big Cartel webstore if anyone wants to purchase it for their collection.

The Dark Bead – Work in Progress #1


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The Dark Bead – 12″ x 8″, work in progress.

For those interested in seeing work in progress, this is the outlined drawing for a new piece called The Dark Bead. Eventually, it will be a fully rendered pointillism piece, like the drawing Lens, in my last post. I enjoy these works at this stage. In fact in the past I have occasionally stopped at the outline, just because I like the quality of a line. Anyway, I will post some progress shots of this one.

– Richard.



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Lens, 2015, Ink on Paper, 10″ x 7″

This is my first drawing with the .13 Rotring Rapidograph. Until now I’ve been a die hard .18 Koh-I-Noor user. I still like the latter but I found that the Rotring pen delivered a great performance and gave me a much finer grain. I am definitely using this pen for the illustrations I am working on right now.

So, here we have ended up with a steampunk meets Kafka kind of image. It’s a personal piece, not an illustration. It’s available. If you are interested, send me an email query.

– Richard.

The Green Demon (on sale)


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Green Demon, 2014, ink on paper, 11″ x 7″



The Green Demon is on sale in my webstore. Its a piece I did last year when I was doing a small series of demons. I am using the proceeds of these small sale pieces to publish a book of 5 short fantasy stories called Magpie’s Ladder.

– Richard.


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