Richard A. Kirk

"there is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion" Sir Frances Bacon, "Of Beauty, Essays" 1625



graphite 8″ x 6″

This is a small graphite piece done today on some Bristol I had tucked away. The paper has almost no tooth, which was kind of fun to work on. Ordinary HB lead in the pencil. The result is a little like silverpoint in appearance.


Sinistral Sister


Sinistral Sister
ink on paper
12″ x 8″

The thought behind this piece was to portray an entity that waits for the sleeper beyond the threshold of consciousness. The subtitle is “Awake for the Sleeper.” Appearances aside, the creature is not meant to be unambiguously malevolent. It is meant to represent the great unknown of our unconscious mind. The elements from which this creature is constituted are drawn from nature, things we might encounter – honey comb, branches, eyes, organs, insect wings. It is their unexpected juxtaposition, as in a dream, that unsettles us. Sinistral – meaning left-handed is a historic reference to otherness. To pass this creature, we must overcome our preconceived ideas. This is an idea that I am also exploring in my novel Necessary Monsters, so working on drawings like this can be thought of, for my purposes, as a kind of exploration for artistic works in other forms.
– Richard.




ink on paper
12″ x 8″

This is my latest drawing, Earworm. I started out intending to finish this one as a graphite drawing but once I got into it I felt pointillism would bring out its true character. With the lack of background all of the focus is on the character. I wanted the silhouette to read as human but then distort and stretch the surface to subvert the viewer’s expectations and give a sense of disintegration. There is a tension in the piece between disintegration and cohesion, which is undermined by the cavity and the unreliable anatomy.

- Richard.

Line Drawings


Black Sketch Book Drawing 1


Black Sketch Book Drawing 2


Black Sketch Book Drawing 3


Black Sketch Book Drawing 4

These are some line drawings from one of my sketch books. I think that I’m going to develop the first one into a graphite drawing.

- Richard.

Roadside Attractions Preview

The preview for the Roadside Attractions show opening October 18 at the Copro Gallery is now up! Here are a few details of my piece, The Informant, which is one of the works featured in the show. Kudos to Cris Velasco to pulling this fantastic event together! Finally, Hi Fructose gave a nice mention.

- Richard.

Informant_detail_4 Informant_detail_3 Informant_detail_2



There is a great line up of artist for this forthcoming show in Chicago at Gallery Provocateur. Here’s a link to the Facebook event page.

- Richard.


TOME 2: MELANCHOLIA Documentary Part 1 – Melancholy Versus Melancholia from 44FLOOD on Vimeo.

My friends at 44Flood have been busy putting this video together, which explains the theme of the forthcoming book TOME 2: Melancholia. I contributed art to this book, and also had the honor of being interviewed by Clive Barker.

- Richard.

The Informant


The Informant 2014 24″ x 18″ ink on paper © Richard A. Kirk 2014

This is a new piece that will appear in an upcoming show called Roadside Attractions at the Copro Gallery in November.

- Richard.

Roadside Attractions


Roadside Attractions is an upcoming show at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. The show is curated by Cris Velasco who has brought together a remarkable group of artists that I am honored to be among. I will post more details about the show in the coming weeks.

Forbidden by the Deep


Forbidden by the Deep
ink on paper
10″ x 10″
© Richard A. Kirk 2014

I’m ending the week with this new ink drawing called Forbidden by the Deep. I took the title from a quote by Leonardo da Vinci that I came across in Ian Leslie’s wonderful book Curious.

“I came to the entrance of a great cavern, in front of which I stood for some time, astonished and unaware of such a thing. Bending my back into an arch I rested my left hand on my knee and held my right hand over my downcast and contracted eyebrows: often bending first one way and then the other; to see whether I could discover anything inside, and this being forbidden by the deep blackness within, and after having remained there for some time, two contrary emotions arose in me, fear and desire – fear of the threatening dark cavern, desire to see whether there were any marvellous thing within it.”

I know for me, as an artist, this nicely describes the feeling I have while creating images – fear and desire. I’m hesitant to draw universal conclusions but I imagine that this is the experience of most artists.

Details of the piece below for those who enjoy a closer look.

- Richard





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